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Storm here is 17-years-old now, and she is quite old. Now, if you have got an older dog, some special considerations you need. You need to make sure at all times that you just give them a little bit more time. Maybe prevention is better than cure. So maybe if they are crossing the road, just take a few seconds extra. You do not want her to fall over a curb. You need to make sure that they are kept safe. They might be able to run quicker if they are running next to you when you're crossing the road. They may be knocked over by a younger dog. Any example like that you need to make sure that you just take that little bit of extra care. So, if anything happened and you need to treat them, whether it be a cut, or a broken bone, or any illness, just take particular care.

Older dogs, you might also see some other things on them, maybe cysts or warts. Just get them checked out by a vet, they are probably harmless, but it is always better to get things checked out wherever possible. Also, with their teeth, sometimes their teeth, they just start to look a little bit more yellow. Now, you can clean dog's teeth and that, but again, do not stress them. So, if you have an older dog and they are involved in an accident or they are unwell, just take that extra little bit of time, look after them, reassure them, and calm them as much as possible.