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Firstly, make sure you do not get burnt by the same thing that has hurt your pet. Treat with running cold water over the burn for at least ten minutes to cool burn.. Take care not to cool the burn too much as it could cause hypothermia, particularly in smaller animals. Electrical burns have other risks; make sure the energy supply is off. There is usually an entry and exit burn that need to be treated.


Pets easily suffer from cold, particularly when they are wet. Their body heat is lost very quickly, and they can become sleepy and lethargic. The first thing to do is to dry and slowly warm them. Do not warm them quickly as rapid heating can cause other medical problems, including cardiac arrest.


Animals can suffer from the heat the same as humans, and sometimes worse. This is because they cannot remove clothing and their ability to sweat is limited. Cooling the animal down will help the problem. Always ensure that animals have plenty of fresh, clean water.