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When we are dealing with puppies with first aid, we need to be a little bit more careful. They are very sensitive. They do not have a lot of blood, so any cuts could be more of a problem with a puppy. Their lungs are not so well developed, so they are more prone to respiratory type problems. The most important thing with any dog is to make sure that we look after it, keep it happy, talk to it, and communicate. Dogs will sit quite happy, they will usually let you pull them around a little bit just to enable to check, so if he had a problem with the leg, you can actually feel the leg and see if there is any problem there. Have a look between its toes. Also, if there are any other problems, then we can identify them quite easily. The thing with any puppy is we do need to make sure if there is anything at all wrong, to get them to professional help at the vets as quickly as possible. Most time, puppies just run around. They usually get into trouble. They will maybe chew some power cables or whatever, so we need to puppy proof the home as much as we can.

This little fellow here, he wants to just run around, so we need to make sure that where he does run around, it is safe. Prevention is much better than cure. We do need to try and avoid any accidents happening to start with, rather than have to deal with the consequences. With puppies, we need to find out whether they are healthy. We can do this the same as the dog by finding a pulse. We could also have to look inside their eyes. Is there any discharge? Wonder how clear are they? We could also look at their nose, should be cold and wet. Touch it with the back of your hand. Have a look inside about the mouth carefully. You do not want to stress the dog, but just look inside its mouth, but we can see whether the tongue is a nice, pink colour, also the colour inside the cheeks. Have a look and see if there are any dental problems. You may well find a tooth has been broken. Now, here he has got little puppy teeth. Those'll soon fall out but be looking at how perky he is and his general attitude. A puppy who is not well, will sit around, be very lethargic, whereas this little fellow is certainly very healthy.