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We are now going to have a look at eyes, ears, and mouth. Now to start with, have a look at the ears. Dogs can get all sorts of problems in their ears. They can get infections. Maybe a little seed gets stuck in there, or physical cuts to the ear. So, what you need to do is have a good look inside the ear. Part the hair away. Deco here has got quite hairy ears. The ears should be a dull pink in colour. Now some ears of dogs go up, some go down. They vary in sorts of problems that they could come across. If you have a little smell, there should not be any smell to the ears. If there is smell there, there might be some kind of infection, or there is something stuck in the ear and that is causing problems.

So, have a good look at it. Also think about the dogs if you see them shaking their head a lot, that could be a good indication that there is a problem within the ears. So just keep an eye on your dog.

Moving on to the eyes. Now the eyes again could be injured by physical harm, maybe something has got into them, maybe a seed, scratches, cuts, infection. If you have a look in the eyes, they should be nice and clear. They should be free of any discharge. You can just peel them back slightly and just check to make sure that the whites are all okay, and there is no blood there. Have a good look inside the eye. Maybe just pop your hand over to make sure she closes her eyes okay so that she can see okay. And just run your fingers across and you will see. She is pretty sleepy here, so she will pretty much let us do anything. But just have a good close look at the eyes. If you got any infection or any injury within the eyes, you must get them to the vet straight away.

If there is something over the eyes, in the eyes, you want to wash it out, then you can use the saline solution. All you do with these is just twist off the cap and then that will give you water that you can then just pour onto the eye and flush out any problems. Just be really careful if you are flushing the eyes out, make sure if there is any poisons or chemicals, you do not flush them into the other eye. So be really careful of that in the case of chemicals or poisons. Also, once you start putting water into a dog's eye the same way as you put into your eyes, they are going to start to pull away slightly. So, you may need to very carefully just hold the dog, just while you are flushing away any of the foreign objects that have got into the eye.

The final thing we will look at in this section is the mouth. Now the mouth, lots of things can happen. Dogs play, they carry sticks around, and quite easily they could maybe knock a tooth out, cut their tongue, or cut inside their mouth. Now if they have got a cut in the mouth, there is not a lot you can do in the sense of dressing and bandaging. It is a matter of getting them to medical help. But you need to have a good look. So, when you are holding the dog to support her head, have a good feel around the side, and just to check her teeth, make sure all the teeth are okay and have a look underneath the gums. Make sure there is no infection, there are no broken teeth.

Check the front, so you can just see it. They do not always like that, but it is not doing them any harm. Check down the side just to make sure there is nothing there. Just have a good close look around, all around the outside of her mouth, underneath her mouth. Is she swallowing a lot? Are there any other problems? And if you can look for blood or look for infection, but also smell. Now some dogs have very bad breath, but you will know if it is not normal. So again, if there is something different about your dog, then you need to get them to help straight away.