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ProTrainings Security Dog First Aid Course is approved by the NASDU for the requirement of pet first aid in their standards

What is Security Dog First Aid?

Security Dog First Aid is specialized training that equips handlers and trainers to provide emergency medical care for security dogs. It covers vital signs assessment, injury recognition and response, CPR for dogs, bleeding control, heat management, fracture/sprain handling, and basic medication administration. This training ensures the well-being of working dogs and enhances operational effectiveness.

About our Security Dog First Aid Course - Level 2 (VTQ) training course

Dog First aid is important to know for your security dog not only to comply with associations and local authorities but also for animal welfare and to help a dog in need. 

The nature of working with dogs will pose a risk that they may be harmed in the course of their work or transport. On our security dog first aid course you will learn what to do with common injuries that your dog could have and how to identify common illnesses in dogs. 

We will be covering other important topics such as Dog CPR, Dog First Aid Kits, Dog Muzzles and Dog choking. 

Security Dog First Aid Course Curriculum

In this dog first aid course your instructor will cover the following subjects: 
  • Introduction to Security Dog First Aid
  • Checking a Dog health
  • First Aid Kits and Equipment
  • CPR, Accidents and First Aid
  • Medical Conditions
  • Different Types and Sizes of Dogs
  • Summary

More about our Security Dog First Aid Course - Level 2 (VTQ) training course

Who benefits from this dog first aid course?

This dog first aid course would benefit everyone who has a security working dog. 
Some occupations which this includes are the following: 
  • Dog Handlers
  • Police
  • Security guards
  • Customs
  • Airports
  • Docks

NASDU Approved Training

This course is approved by NASDU for the requirement of pet first aid in their standards. 

We have designed this course to meet the NASDU learning outcomes and added a few extra modules to ensure full understanding. This qualification is also endorsed by TQUK to give an extra level of approval. If you require an endorsed certificate, there is an additional small charge.

Dog First Aid Kit

The correct kit and equipment are important to any first aider. In this course, we look at Pet First Aid Kits, including collars, sprays, wipes plasters, and powders. 

You will learn how useful dog muzzles can be when providing first aid to an injured dog.

Immediate first aid will reduce the risk of a minor injury becoming a major one. It will reduce your dog's pain, improve outcomes and give you peace of mind that you can do the best for your pet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which occupations use this course?

The Security Dog First Aid Level 2 (VTQ) Course is perfect for:

  • Dog Handlers
  • Police
  • Security guards
  • Customs
  • Airports
  • Docks

What range of pet courses are available?

There are different pet first aid courses from a comprehensive pet first aid course or a canine version to an advanced course for those who would like more information on pet first aid. There is a pet professionals course and specialist courses for security dog owners and one for the emergency services. Dog and cat care courses complete the range.

I want to complete a short practical module after completing the online course, is this possible?

We have a network of over 1000 approved and monitored instructors to deliver a short skill training session nationwide or we can come to your workplace to deliver the training. This blended training saves class time and provides the same qualification. Contact us on 01206 805359 to discuss your options.

Is the Security Dog First Aid course endorsed by NASDU?

Yes, the ProTrainings Security Dog First Aid course is endorsed by NASDU and is available as a 100% online, blended or classroom course nationwide through our network of approved and monitored instructors. For details of the course locally please call 01206 805359.

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