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Now if your pet has cut itself maybe just a minor cut or maybe it's a sore, it's had a sting, then you can put a spray on it. Now similar to the way you would use a spray on yourself, then you can use these first aid sprays for your pets as well. Now what they do is they kill bacterial infections, they kill viral infections, to make sure that the skin is clean. Now maybe your dogs got a graze similar to if you had a graze yourself, probably the best thing on some of those minor injuries is just to leave it open to the elements, but you don't want it to become infected. So, the use of these sprays is ideal for that. The sprays themselves, you get different sizes, there are different types here. This one's quite a small spray. It fits nicely into first aid kits. It's just a pump action. It's not an aerosol. You literally just take the cap off and you pump down and that will allow the spray to come out.

It's not toxic to animals and the other thing with this is it doesn't sting when you put any of these onto them. If you maybe put something like some iodine on to a wound, you'll find that that will really stress the animal out. They'll get... It's very painful if you've ever put it on yourself, you'll know just how painful it is. Now with these... We've tested these on cuts on humans as well, and they say there is absolutely no action at all. They don't hurt or anything like that. So, spray that over the wound. Don't overdo it. You can to a certain element, use it as washing, but you're to clean the wound up with saline first. So, spray it over to where the affected area. So, if she's got a cut on her leg or a graze here. Just take the spray, just spray it on. I won't actually spray it on to her now since obviously there's nothing wrong with her. So just run that through and that works well. You could also do it on their feet as well. Sometimes with dogs, they'll get cuts in their pads. You just spray that onto the area and that will be fine, and it will keep them free from bacteria and viruses.