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This is Bob. He is a four-year-old, crossbred, Jack Russell. And let us have a little chat about smaller dogs and what they are like. With him, the only way we can really keep him calm is to give him a little bit of a treat, but with smaller dogs, it is exactly the same as with the larger ones. Smaller dogs would be affected by things like blood loss or dehydration a lot worse than a larger dog. Also, smaller dogs tend to be a little bit more, sometimes a little more aggressive, mainly because they are just trying to look after themselves, they are a little bit more scared. So just take a little bit more care, keep an eye on them. You still need to do all the checks the same. All the other checks will work exactly the same with them, but just keep a much, much closer look at them. And see if there is anything wrong, obviously get the dog to the vet as quick as possible.