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One useful product in pet first aid is something like a spray on plaster. Now there are different types available. This is the Aqueos one we are looking at here. Now, the advantage of this product is, it is very easy to put a seal over a cut that keeps it clean and by spraying onto it, we are not having to put a dressing on, things like that. Now it is not any good for large cuts and big wounds, but if you have just got small injuries, maybe a small bite wound, which has the potential for infection or other small cuts, something like this can be very, very good.

There are lots of benefits to this type of product. It is very easy to use, you literally just spray it over, it gives good protection against infection because it has got natural things inside it to actually fight infection. You do not need to remove it because naturally, it will just break away and fall away over time and it is very, very simple to use and effective. When we are actually spraying this on, we are not spraying them to the dogs because it's silver in colour. What we are doing with this is just to show you how to use it.

Now when we are using this product, we shake it to start with, a little ball bearing in the bottom. You need to make sure it is fully mixed, so give it a good shake so that we can make sure the product has mixed. Then we can remove the cap and then direct it and spray it over the wound area. It is always a good idea just to start with, is to spray it into the air away so you know the product is coming through the dispenser and you know where it is acting, so when spraying it on, you know exactly where it is going. Do not over spray the area. We do not want to put so much on it is running down the dog's leg. We do need enough to cover the whole area over and you can put it on a second time if you need to.