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When you are dealing with an emergency, no matter what the emergency is, it's a good idea to make sure you've got clean hands when you start, but also when you finish. Now, the nature of a dog having an accident, say if you were out and she hurt herself, it's unlikely for us to have running water. So, you can use sanitising foams to actually clean your hands off. There are lots of different types on the market. This is one that we sell. There are lots of different products out there. Or it might be you could use the gel hand cleaner as well. You see a lot of people carry that around.

Now, as far as keeping your hands clean for dealing with an injury it is still a good idea quickly if you had to do something to pop this onto your hands and make sure your hands are clean before you start putting dressings on because you don't want to introduce an infection onto the dog. Also, if I had to do anything maybe unpleasant, maybe clean around her back end or pick up vomit or something like this for the vet, then, again, it's a good idea you can wear gloves, but popping this sort of stuff often afterwards makes sure that you won't then get an infection from dealing with the poo or wee or if they have vomited or something like that and it accidentally getting onto your hands.

The way this product works is just taking the cap off and just give it a little shake and then just pop a little bit onto your hand. It's just a pump action. Once you've got it on your hand, then just rub it in. It vanishes quite quickly. Just make sure that you pop it in between your fingers, you can just wrap it around your thumbs, exactly the way you would if you were properly cleaning your hands. If you have got rings on, then just pop it underneath the ring as well because that could be an area where bacteria could stay. Once you have done that, hands are pretty much clean and dry straight away ready to work on a dog or if you have done something already with them, then you can just clean your hands off just before you then take them away or before you take them to the vets.