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Oralade - The Science

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Oralade: Advanced Oral Rehydration Solution for Dogs and Cats

A Trusted Solution

Oralade is an innovative oral rehydration solution:

  • Complies with World Health Organization recommendations.
  • Easy administration with a delicious natural chicken flavor.
  • Scientifically formulated isotonic solution for optimal absorption.

Perfect Rehydration

Understanding Oralade's effectiveness:

  • Ideal for mild to moderate dehydration in animals.
  • Prevents over-hydration even with free feeding.
  • Precise glucose and electrolyte ratio supports absorption.

Additional Support

Oralade goes beyond rehydration:

  • Contains prebiotic fibres and amino acids for gut health.
  • Provides essential nutrition to animals with appetite issues.

When to Seek Expert Advice

Knowing when veterinary guidance is necessary:

  • Oralade is suitable for pre-hydration and rapid rehydration.
  • If an animal shows signs of dehydration or illness, consult a vet promptly.

Discover the power of Oralade: the advanced oral rehydration solution for your beloved dogs and cats.