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Porta-Bowl dog water bowl

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Porta-Bowl: The Ultimate Portable Dog Water Bowl

Ensuring your dog remains hydrated during outdoor adventures is crucial yet often challenging. The Porta-Bowl portable dog water bowl revolutionises how you provide water for your pet on the go.

Designed for Your Pet's Needs

The Porta-Bowl is crafted with your pet's hydration needs as a priority. Its lightweight and user-friendly design make it an essential accessory for every dog owner.

How to Use the Porta-Bowl

  • Fill the bowl with fresh water.
  • Its durable design ensures it holds enough water to satisfy your dog's thirst.
  • The leak-proof feature allows worry-free transport in your bag or car.
  • Simply open the valve and use your foot or hand to press down on the side, pumping water into the bowl.
  • After use, empty, rinse, and fold the bowl down for easy storage.

Versatile Companion for On-the-Go Pets and Owners

The Porta-Bowl's versatility makes it an indispensable tool for keeping your dog hydrated, whether you're hiking, traveling, or enjoying a day out in the park.

Available Now

The Porta-Bowl is available for purchase at the ProTrainings store. Ensure your dog's hydration needs are met with this innovative, portable solution.