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Older dogs need to be given more care and consideration, the speed and distance walked may need to be adjusted to suit your dogs mobility and energy levels. Older dogs are more likely to trip and stumble and may be knocked over by a younger playful dog. Make sure that they don't get more attention from other pets or children than they want or need.

Look out for cysts or warts and keep an eye on their health in general, you may have to make adjustments to allow for impaired hearing and sight.  The teeth will yellow, these can be cleaned using gels or powder that you add to food, but take care not to stress them if they are not used to having their teeth cleaned and always check with your vet that gels or powder are suitable for your pet in particular.

Make sure that your dog has a check-up regularly the vet will be able to help to keep him or her as happy and mobile as they can be.