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We are now going look at advanced pet first aid kits. Now, if you are a pet professional, and you have got a dog grooming company, or you are doing a dog walking, then you are more likely to come across other problems. There are more advanced first aid kits, that contain more equipment that may be more suitable for you. Advanced kits come with straps that can go over your shoulder or around your waist, to make it easier if you want to keep one with you.

The additional items in an advanced pet first aid kit include burn gel and a pen torch for checking the dog's eyes

Wet wipes and a Tick remover that makes it easy to remove a tick without leaving any part of it behind are also included.  

Other items in the advanced pet first aid kit are the ice pack, that you break to activate and can use immediately.  Also included is antibacterial hand cleanser which is useful if you are dealing with something that is quite messy. If you have to clean up after your dog, you can then clean your hands if you have not got access to water.

The final thing in is a first aid spray, and this is a disinfectant spray, you can apply it directly to the wound, just spray it on and it will ensure that any bacteria that is on there is kept clean and disinfected. Inside the section here, you have got some waste disposal bags but also a digital thermometer, so you can use these for doing a rectal temperature of your dog.