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We are now going look at advanced pet first aid kits. Now, if you are a pet professional, and you have got a dog grooming company, or you are doing a dog walking, then you are more likely to come across other problems. But just as well, it's the same if you have got pets at home and you want to have a little bit more equipment, then maybe an advanced pet first aid kit is going to be better for you. With the bag for the advance kits, it is different from the other kit because it has got a shoulder strap to it and also it can go around your waist, but also you have got handles if you want to carry it. There are different pockets on it, so we can get all the equipment in it and these just simply just unclip and you have access to everything that is inside.

So, on the side of the pack is Steripods, there is four of those, and there is also a roll of Micropore tape. On this side, we have a foil blanket, some of the wipes for cleaning wounds, but also this kit has a burn dressing. Now, this is a liquid type burn dressing. We will go through these in a bit more detail in the burn section of this course. But it is actually a pad that does not stick to a burn, but it is like a gel and you can put that straight on and it has got very good cooling functions as well. On the end of the bag are gloves. Now we put these on the end, so you can get to them very, very quickly. So, you can just literally go to the end, get the gloves out, and pop those on. We will tell you how to put gloves on in a separate video. On the top zip pocket, there are a pair of scissors, some tweezers, and also a penlight. And these are quite useful if you are shining a light into a dog's eyes to check them, or if you just need to have a light for any reason. And the way they work is just too literally push this button on the clip and then it will make the torch light up.

Inside the main section of the kit, there is lots and lots of different products. We have a conforming bandage, this is just a straightforward bandage that you can use to bandage up, but also you can use to hold gauze pads in place. Then we have the non-woven swabs, these are good for cleaning up wounds. These are wet wipes, they are really good for cleaning your dog. We are going to look at these in a separate video. We also have a selection of dressings, large and medium dressings and these are the type with the gauze pad already attached to the bandage. This is Petf bandage, which is a bandage which sticks to itself. Again, we are going to have a look at this in a separate video, but it is really good because it is very easy to put on to a dog, and it is quite easy to remove. Tick remover, this is a way of removing ticks very easily. With a tick, you can't squeeze them with tweezers, because you will then inject the blood and the toxins into the dog. So, this can grip it into the base and pull it out very successfully.

Ice packs, this is a chemical type ice pack, in the top we have liquid and inside here we have some crystals, and you just break this and let the fluid through and instantly you have got cold. So, we can use this for any joint injuries, and also, we can use it sometimes for controlling bleeding. This is a triangular bandage. No, it is not to put the dog's arm in a sling, but it is quite useful if you had to clean them up. It is a rag, so it is quite useful. But you can also use it for a muzzle or you could use it for an improvised tourniquet. This is antibacterial hand cleaner. It is quite important if you are dealing with something that is quite messy, you can keep your hands clean; so, it is quite handy. Also, if you have to clean up after your dog, you can then clean your hands if you have not got access to water.

The final thing in is a first aid spray, and this is a disinfectant spray, you can apply it directly to the wound, just spray it on and it will ensure that any bacteria that is on there is kept clean and disinfected. Inside the section here, you have got some waste disposal bags but also a digital thermometer, so you can use these for doing a rectal temperature of your dog.