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What we are going to do now is have a look at just a little bit of information about choking in general. But what we are not going to talk about is the actual treatment because we are going to cover that in a separate video. Now, dogs are very good at chewing stuff up and then they can get something stuck in their throat. There are lots of things it could be, it could be toys, it could be something they find in the garden. And it could be that something they have eaten, they swallow, and it gets stuck in their throat. Similarly, it could be a large lump of food. So, they have eaten a lump of meat or something like that and they have got that stuck in their throat. Now, normally, if a dog does choke, it is extremely successful getting the obstruction out itself. You will see that they will stand up, they will arch their back and they will cough, cough, cough and they will just get the obstruction out and then it is gone. The thing you need to be careful of is if something has blocked it straight away, and as soon as they have vomited it up, maybe you need to get that and take it away from them because you do not want them to eat it again as typically, they would do.

So, two types of choking. There is a partial airway obstruction and a full airway obstruction. Now, a partial airway obstruction is just when there is something stuck in their throat, but they can still breathe. Now, this will cause a dog to cough a lot and be very distressed. Now, if it was something like a small bone or something that is caught in their throat and they cannot clear it and they keep coughing, then you are going to need to take them to the vet because then you are going to have to have that removed if they cannot clear it themselves. Now, a complete airway obstruction is stopping them breathing. So, this is something that they need to clear. So, they are going to be making coughing type noises, but you are not hearing that intake of breath. They are just going to be coughing and nothing is actually going to be coming out. Now, if you are getting to the point where they are trying and trying to relieve it and it is not coming out, then you may need to look at what to do to treat choking in your dog.