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It is good idea to check your pets, eyes ears and mouth

When checking the ears

  • Look for cuts and tears to the ear
  • Look inside the ears, check that they are a dull pink, redness could indicate an infection
  • Check the inside of the ear for seeds
  • Smell the ear, odour could indicate that an infection is present
  • Repeated shaking of the head could be a signal that there is a problem
  • If there is redness, ordour or a foreign body inside the ear, seek veterinary assistance

Checking your pets eyes

  • Check the eyes for foreign objects
  • Make sure the eyes are clear with no discharge
  • Check the whites of the eye by encouraging your pet to follow your hand or by gently pulling back the area around the eye, check for redness
  • Dust or small particles can be flushed from the eye with a saline solution, take care the dog will pull away you may need assistance, take care that in flushing the particles, they don't get into the other eye
  • All injuries or infections should be treated by a veterinary professional.

Checking your pet's mouth

Dogs pick up things, maybe sticks, toys, even stones

  • Check the lips and inside of the cheek for cuts or signs of infection
  • Check the teeth aren't damaged 
  • Check the gums for cuts, infection or inflammation
  • Check for unusual odour
  • If you have any concerns or if your pet has any injury to the mouth, seek veterinary assistance.